Finding The Best Sweets For The Holidays

There are a number of occasions that call for pie and other sweets during the holidays. Many favorite pies come to mind for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And rather than getting out the ingredients and cooking your own there are other options. Many small bakeries can be found around BC that supply some truly delicious pies for the holiday season.


Pumpkin, pecan, cherry, blueberry, apple, custard, and more. Finding the best pie for the holidays can take some time. There are many favorite holiday pies that you might want to put on the menu for your own dinner.

Top with some ice cream, whipped cream, or just add another slice of pie, eat it however you like. The food is one of the best parts of the holiday season aside from time spent with friends and family. There is a lot of great food to find around BC and that includes quality, handmade pies too during the holidays. One of the most popular pies for the holiday season is of course pumpkin pie and bakeries around Vancouver are serving up some truly delicious pumpkin pies during the holidays.

The Best Pumpkin Pie In Vancouver

New Amsterdam Bakery in Surrey

This is one of my favorite places to get pumpkin pie from during the holiday season. I usually pick up some pumpkin pie from this bakery during the holidays because others have also commented on how much they love it. You can find plenty more than just pumpkin pie here too. For some of the best pumpkin pie in Surrey check out this bakery location which is the New Amsterdam Bakery in Surrey on 96 Ave.


Fresh Baked Goods For Gifting and Eating

Butter Baked Goods in Vancouver

You might have seen these products in your local Safeway or in another venue, Butter Baked Goods items can be found outside of this bakery location too. If you are looking for the best bakery experience in Vancouver then you will want to visit this location on MacKenzie St in Vancouver.

This is a cute little bakery in Vancouver that has a lot of charm. Find delicious bakery sweets here and some of the best baked goods that you can enjoy on your own, with a friend, or gift to someone for the holiday season. There are also do it yourself kits to do at home which enable you to make things like fresh biscuits and more.

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on

A Complete Holiday With Quality Pies

The Pie Hole in Vancouver
The Pie Hole is a another gem and true holiday staple for pies in the Metro Vancouver area. When you want good pies you come here and you will not be sorry. These pies are so good from The Pie Hole that you might want two or three. Enjoy them with family or gift to others during the holiday because a pie can make a great gift.

2 locations: Vancouver and Burnaby

There are some unique and amazingly delicious pies at The Pie Hole in Vancouver to check out. On their menu recently have been options like those listed below, you can check their site for updated menu items throughout the year.

  • Gingerbread Cream Pie
  • Eggnog & Rum Pie
  • Butter Pecan Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Apple Cranberry Pie
    and more!

These are delicious pie combinations that would make the perfect holiday pie and it is easy to order their pies online too.

These are some of the best bakeries and pie shops around the Metro Vancouver area to find good sweets during the holidays. Pies, cookies, biscuits, hot chocolate, and other items. BC is full of many great small businesses like those listed above and others, these are bakeries that are coming up with quality, innovative, and tasty treats that can help to add a little extra sweetness to the holiday season.

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