CP Holiday Train At Home Virtual Benefit Concert

The CP Holiday Train is looking to spread some Christmas cheer this season and will be putting on a virtual benefit concert this Dec 18 2021 at 6:00 MT and the benefit concert is going to help raise money for food banks around North America.


Holiday Train at Home Benefit Concert

Enjoy the CP Holiday Train At Home Benefit Concert this Christmas season and help spread the cheer. There will be several musical guests taking part in the event this year and the holiday benefit concert will also be streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and on

This is a chance to discover new artists and support charity efforts this holiday season by donating to the cause.

Donate To Help Food Banks

Inflation has hit Canadians hard recently, and it is still anticipated that we might see more rising prices next year for food as well. Many are struggling with adjusting to those price increases and it means that millions are struggling to afford basic necessities the more expensive things get.

Things have gotten more expensive this holiday season and this comes after the pandemic already brought its own challenges.

This holiday benefit concert with the Holiday Train At Home by CP is a great way to do some good from home, support the community, and enjoy some great performances from home this holiday season.

Steven Page and The Strumbellas are expected to be headlining the CP Holiday Train at Home Virtual Benefit Concert this year, with other special guests expected as well.

Find out more on their FACEBOOK about the upcoming 2021 CP Holiday Train Virtual Benefit Concert that is happening soon. You can also follow on YouTube as well.

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