Fantastic Light Displays at Lafarge Lake For the Holidays

There is a lot going on around Metro Vancouver if you want to find holiday events this season. In Coquitlam you can find Lights At Lafarge Lake coming back once more for the holidays. This is going to be an outdoor and free event that you can attend. Walk around the Lafarge Lake area and see some magical holiday light displays that have been set up.


Over the years this has been one of the best holiday events around Vancouver to see. It is easy to find the area and there are many ways to get here. There is lots of room to walk around as well even if it does get a little crowded. You can still go at your own speed and enjoy the light displays that have been set up. The Lights at Lafarge Lake holiday event has been one of the most stunning for light displays in the past, as you can see from the photos here from a past event that was held.


The Lights at Lafarge Lake is a family friendly event for the holiday season and gives the chance to see something beautiful during the holidays in the Coquitlam area. For Tri-Cities holiday fun check out this holiday experience that you will not want to miss.

Lights at Lafarge is one of the most popular ones to see and so if you are looking for a more low key time to visit then you might want to go sometime during the week. Parking can be tricky to find when it is peak hours and quite busy, but there are public transportation options nearby too.

Lights at Lafarge Lake This Winter 2021

WHERE: Coquitlam at Town Centre Park, 1299 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam
WHEN: from Nov 27 this year to Jan 31 2022

Lights at Lafarge is a top holiday event to find around Vancouver this season. For those who are coming from Vancouver it is about a 1 hour drive, taking public transit might take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending on where you are coming from.

Is Lights at Lafarge Worth It?

The trip to Lights at Lafarge in Coquitlam BC is worth it if you are looking for a free holiday event around the Lower Mainland. Lights at Lafarge is of the best free events offering multiple light displays.

One of the best reasons to see Lights at Lafarge is that this event is at night and it also goes for several weeks, giving you a generous amount of time to schedule and plan for when you might want to see it. Anyone looking for good holiday light events or free Christmas events around Vancouver should see Lights at Lafarge in the Tri Cities region, because you don’t miss out on a memorable Coquitlam light display with Lights at Lafarge this year.

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