Supply Chain Issues From BC Flooding Already Impacting Other Areas

This week stores have been low on supply on a number of items. Some stores in BC are seeing it worse than others, especially those that were more closely impacted by the recent historic flooding that we saw in the province. Officials have urged people not to panic and not to start panic buying because this is only going to make it worse.

Ground beef, eggs, dairy, and other food items might be hard to find right now, and there are gas limits as well, but the public has been assured that the goods are coming it is just a matter of time and getting things to where they need to be. Some restaurants in BC had to close up early because of those shortages, for things like eggs especially, and there is hope that within just a few days we will see more stock coming back onto the shelves.

Shoppers have been panicked recently in multiple regions, it isn’t only those in BC that have been looking to stock up because they are worried about the shortages that they are seeing. There are scenes of different stores in the market who have already taken to covering up those empty shelves or using other items to display in the place of those food shortages, where the items would normally be.

Grocery Stores and Restaurants See Supply Chain Issues

Grocery stores are running out of food in BC because of those supply chain difficulties and the flooding in BC has highlighted a fragile supply chain and this will impact more than the province here alone. It has already been reported that BC flooding has impacted supply chains in Alberta too.

There are many individuals who are working to get things resolved though, from the road repairs to toilet paper and dairy items getting back onto the shelves.


It is suspected that the recent flooding in BC might impact more than just the surrounding supply chain in the province here, but could also extend to Alberta too and other areas.

Amid recent flooding and supply chain issues a number of Canadians reportedly took to traveling down south to the United States to get some food, and there are reports that some were fined thousands of dollars to reenter.

News reports also recently announced that there was a federal update which enabled border communities in the province to go down to the U.S. for gas and other essential goods and that they could cross back without requiring the COVID-19 test or having to quarantine, regardless of their vaccination.

Because of the demand for food right now with supply chain issues there are other resources who are also facing an uptick in demand like local food banks in the province. Since the flooding took place there are numerous campaigns that have been launched to bring resources and help to those who are affected by this disaster.

The Lower Mainland is known as one of the largest manufacturing centers in Canada and this flooding has caused extensive damage around the province, experts have suggested that it might have a ripple effect which extends across Canada.

Photo by Braeson Holland on Pexels.com

Holiday shoppers have already been warned for weeks that they should start shopping because of potential supply chain issues and more difficulty in finding some items more than others. Know one can tell for sure how bad the problem might get or how long it might last for.

Rationing Gas in BC: 30L Limit on Purchases

Just recently the province announced gas rationing limits to try and make sure that there would be enough for essential vehicles in the province in the face of potential shortages and supply chain issues from flooding. This meant that a 30L limit would be coming into play for gas purchases in BC.

Travel has also been restricted on flood impacted highways as well around the province and they’ve asked the public to limit their fuel consumption at this time as well as their general vehicle travel.

In the face of this difficulty though we have seen British Columbians step up in a big way to help, despite whatever issues they might be going through on their own many have looked to give and help others at this time.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars has already been raised to help those who have been impacted by flooding in the province. BC businesses have together raised hundreds of thousands, as well as countless other individuals and communities around the province raising through one venture or another.

Evacuations were ordered in some parts of the province when we saw that historic flooding recently and for some they lost cars, livestock, homes, and there are some who lost their lives. For the thousands of British Columbians who had to evacuate because of recent flooding officials have also recently announced financial support to help them cover short term emergency costs.

When will supply issues in BC be fixed?

The BC Premier has insisted that there is confidence they will be able to restore the supply chain in a quick and orderly manner, without it taking that much time to resolve the issue. However, there are some food operations that are still on hold because of the damage to supply routes and highways. The resolution can’t come soon enough as businesses and British Columbians look to find goods for their daily routine and the holiday season ahead.

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