Safeway Getting Into The Grocery Delivery and Pickup Market with Voilà

Safeway has come out with their new option for grocery delivery and that is Voilà. Voilà is an online grocery delivery service and right now they have an offer where you can get $15 off of your first 3 orders until Jan 14 2022. You can find the code to save on your groceries on their website right now.

Find all of your Safeway grocery favorites to order through this platform that offers convenient access to food so that you can get your favorites without having to spend so much time getting what you need.

Grocery Pickup at Safeway in Canada

You can do the curbside pickup for your groceries with Safeway or use the app to have them delivered right to your home if that option is available from your Safeway. Currently you can’t find that delivery service available all throughout the country though.


Curbside pickup service with Safeway is available in Alberta, BC, Manitoba, NB, NF, NS, Ontario, PEI, and Saskatchewan.

Customers are able to create an account with the Voila service and then place an order for some of your favorite Safeway groceries and then choose the convenient option of picking them up or getting delivery if that option is available in your market.

Place your order, track your grocery order, and make grocery shopping much easier for yourself. Voila is the solution from Sobeys that brings new access to food from grocery stores like Safeway for customers in Canada.

Save Time With Grocery Delivery or Pickup

One of the obvious benefits of ordering your groceries through a delivery service like this or a pickup operation is so that you can save time. Have you ever gone to the grocery store and had it turn into a headache? Sometimes you are trying to juggle the kids with you, getting it done in-between other tasks, or just trying to find the time at all to it there.

Get Someone Else To Do The Grocery Shopping

You might be too tired, too sick, just to busy and not interested. Well, there are other options, there are solutions available to help with getting you the groceries that you need. Make grocery shopping easier for yourself and your family. That is what these platforms do, they help customers get what they need without spending so much time grocery shopping. Instead they can save that time and spend it in other places.

Skip the lines, skip the traffic, skip waiting, order what you want with a few clicks and pickup so that you can do grocery shopping differently.

Grocery shopping services have been improved by this innovation in providing customers with a choice to get delivery or pickup for the food that they need. Voilà is now one more option spreading around Canada for customers to go with.


This platform now enables Safeway to start doing what other grocery markets are already doing, like Walmart, Save On Foods, and more, who are offering that pickup service for grocery shopping or delivery.

As more Canadians have become comfortable with ordering groceries online through the pandemic we have seen the habit stick with many. Now this market is growing around Canada and it looks like the grocery delivery business and pickup convenience are here to stay.

Expanding Across Canada With Curbside Pickup

Learn more about Voila here to find out how you can start doing your grocery shopping this way and opting for the grocery curbside pickup from where it is currently available in Canada.

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