Rationing Gas: BC Gov Announces Gas Limits

Today the BC government announced gas limits which would be 30L of fuel for purchases at gas stations around the province. They want to be sure that fuel is going to be prioritized for essential vehicles around the province but that there is enough available for British Columbians so they have come up with temporary measures.


The temporary gas measures in BC are restricting travel as well. Non-essential travel is going to be restricted from impacted areas and they have been asking people in the province to limit their fuel consumption if possible, as well as their travel during this time.

British Columbians limited to buying 30 litres of fuel at a time

This week we have seen food shortages and gas shortages around the province following the devastating and historic flooding that has taken place. The province has seen a state of emergency declared with many workers already actively working to get things back up and running as usual.

The steps to limit gas in BC are said to have been taken to try and keep commercial traffic moving around the region. Thanks to hoarding around the province there were a number of stores around the Metro Vancouver area and other parts of BC that had seen empty shelves and supply limits come into play once again.

There are signs already up at gas stations around the province. Not only that but many gas stations have also had to close early because of the shortages and had to tape off the gas station letting people know that they have run out of supply for the night.

Soon the highways are expected to reopen however, following the BC flooding, and the food systems should stabilize according to province officials.

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