Nurses Open Their Own Clinic in BC

There are thousands of workers who have lost their jobs around BC over vaccination mandates. For one group of nurses in Kelowna who didn’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine they have sought to start up a new wellness clinic in Kamloops that is known as Ezra Wellness.

Recent media reports suggest that those nurses have refused to be vaccinated and because of that they can no longer work at their jobs, thousands around the province and the country are leaving their jobs in healthcare and other industries.

Opening Ezra Wellness in Kamloops

There have been a variety of Freedom Rallies held around BC and the country, as with other parts of the world. There was even another Freedom Rally planned for today at the Vancouver Art Gallery which has been the backdrop for many protests in the past.

The protest which was planned for today was described as a World Wide Rally for Freedom, with a demonstration planned between 12-4pm this afternoon in Vancouver to protest vaccine mandates.


There have been demonstrations held around Vancouver, Kelowna, and other communities. A number of healthcare workers themselves have taken part in those demonstrations, holding signs, and sharing their thoughts with news media etc.

However, the BC Health Minister has suggested that there isn’t any back door to the vaccination mandate. If you want to practice those professions in the province he says you need to be vaccinated.

Already the nurses clinic that had been set up in Kamloops has been evicted by the building owner shortly after that announcement came out, and in that same report they also note that on social media that the group had allegedly been looking for support to move to another area.


Things have gotten heated recently around the province with a number of those healthcare workers losing their jobs because of the vaccination mandate, the refusal to disclose vaccination status or confirm that they are vaccinated etc. This comes after the province has already been struggling with shortages and the last thing that it needed was to lose any nurses or other healthcare workers.

What is the vaccination rate for BC?

Today the covid19tracker website shows that the province is seeing over 77% vaccination rate for those who are fully vaccinated in British Columbia.

There are thousands of nurses who lost their jobs, or got fired, depending on how you want to paint it, over those vaccination mandates. There are others around the province and country who are also losing their jobs in other industries too because of those new restrictions for working in certain areas.

As for right now the plan is that those vaccination passports and mandates will be temporary and that sometime in the new year they might be lifted, but we have seen other COVID-19 related restrictions get extended multiple times throughout the pandemic. It wouldn’t be surprising if that happened this time again as well but we won’t know what will happen until next year when the expiry date comes up.

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  1. Thanks for the informative post. The same issues are here in the US, but our vaccination rates are much lower. The only way for us all to get past this nasty disease is through mass immunity, best achieved through vaccinations.


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