Store Limits and Supply Issues Seen Again in BC

BC has recently seen a state of emergency declared after historic flooding hit the region. Several areas had to be evacuated and community members and volunteers have quickly jumped into action to help those who have been affected. The flooding in BC has caused a great amount of damage to regions like Abbotsford, Merritt, and other parts of BC. There are also some injuries too and now supply chain issues.

Videos and photos have been circulating of empty shelves in areas like Kamloops, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and now other parts of Metro Vancouver as well.

Food supply limits can be seen again for things like meat and dairy, to try and prevent panic buying and make sure that there is enough to go around. Following the historic flooding in BC there were significant lines seen at places like Walmart and Costco as people went to stock up on what supplies they could get their hands on.


These empty shelves seen above are from a Walmart in Burnaby, which didn’t get significant flooding to it in the same way that Merritt and Abbotsford had seen. However, it looks like the panic buying and supply chain issues have extended this way too. Now we are seeing those limits to food items once again that we saw once the pandemic hit.

BC authorities Say Stop Hoarding

BC authorities have urged the public to stop hording because this is only going to make the situation worse. This comes after the province and other parts of the world have already been seeing significant supply chain issues arise after the COVID-19 related lockdowns. In cities that are cut off from the rest of the province because of damage related to the flooding in BC there is also concern about food supply getting low there as well.

Different charities and groups have already stepped up to fly in food supplies to those who are stranded in the region. The federal government has also signaled their dedication to helping the province deal with this recent flooding event. Despite shelves looking a bit empty right now and those food limits in BC coming up once again for some items the BC Truckers Association has said there is no need to panic about any food shortages in Canada.


Getting The Goods to Where They Need to Be

There are many people working to make sure that the food is going to get to the shelves and it is going to get to those who need it. Despite shelves in certain areas seeing a great amount of empty space it should not take long for them to fill up with food and other items again soon.

Panic Buying Makes it Worse

It is good to remember that during the pandemic a lot of people engaged in panic buying and ended up finding out that they didn’t need all that they had stored up and the same is said to be true this time around as well. It is the panic buying that empties the shelves in BC and makes it so that it becomes difficult to find food and other necessary items and there are plenty of warnings right now for British Columbians not to do it.

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