Evacuations Ordered Around BC After Devastating Flooding

Devastating flooding has taken place in BC recently with areas like Merritt and Abbotsford seeing a state of emergency declared and evacuations ordered. Videos are coming out showing the devastation that has taken place around the province because of the recent flooding, taking out portions of train tracks, highways, and more.

There are calls for a province wide state of emergency after the recent BC flooding that saw many cars, homes, and other property destroyed.


BC Sees Worst Weather Storm in A Century

The flooding in BC has devastated communities around the province and shut down highways as storms recently battered the region. There has also been one loss of life in a recent mudslide in BC, others have also been reported missing.

The flooding in BC means highways are being choked off and areas that have already seen a tough summer because of wildfires are now going to have to struggle with this recovery as well. Many are worried that this could mean even more pressure on an already stressed supply chain, and some stores are already showing portions of empty shelves.

It doesn’t take much to start alarming consumers but that is exactly what officials and retailers are trying to avoid, a panic.

Historic Flooding in BC Canada

The extreme BC weather has meant severe damage to many communities, roads, rail lines, and it isn’t clear when things might be back on track, it could take some time for a full recovery.

Experts have suggested that the recent flooding highlights the real risk that communities need to prepare for. The impact of these recent storms have been felt by many around the province. This year has seen some extreme weather in BC with an unusual tornado recently, followed by this incredible and historic flooding that has devastated the province.


Recovering After Historic Flooding in BC

Trucking companies and other workers and resources are already being dedicated to addressing the devastation and trying to work out a solution. The government has insisted that the goods are going to make it to the shelves in BC despite the recent floods and devastation to the supply chain transportation routes. BC authorities have urged people not to start panic buying as this might make the situation worse.


As you can see from these above news reports there have been vehicles trapped from the recent flooding and landslides and this is a devastating flooding event for the province that has hit many Canadians when they are already struggling with rising food costs, concerns about inflation, pandemic worries, and more.

Watercrafts have been used by rescue teams to try and help the many people who are trapped around BC because of the recent historic flooding that we have seen. The flooding has caused tremendous damage in Merritt, Abbotsford, and other areas.

Canadian Federal Government Ready To Send Assistance After BC Flooding

As a result of the widespread damage in BC over the recent historic flooding Trudeau has already said that the government is ready to help and send assistance.

Trudeau has indicated that the federal government is willing to help and they are ready to provide resources to help the province after the recent devastating flooding.

This flooding has been historic and devastating for the province, resulting in countless evacuations and dozens of highway closures. Now crews are working to assess the damage and work toward a recovery and the province is going to need help. Trudeau has said the government is ready to help in any way that they can following the BC flooding but they are still waiting for an ask.

Shoppers around BC are already worried about food shortages and the difficulty of getting the supplies to the shelves, but for now many stores around the province remain generously stocked. However, prior to this historic flooding in BC it was already anticipated that we might see some shortages this winter because of supply chain issues that have been impacting markets worldwide.

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