Canadian Women’s Foundation #SignalForHelp Goes Viral

A teenager from NC has been rescued after successfully using a TikTok hand gesture to signal to others that she was in trouble.

The hand gesture, known as the TikTok distress signal, went viral previously on TikTok and was originally developed in Canada by the Canada Womne’s Foundation to address violence at home during the pandemic.

The distress signal from TikTok that the teen used is a way for others to signal that they need help without having to say anything. By using a simple hand gesture that displays an open palm with the thumb tucked in, and then you close your fingers over the thumb trapping it in, this signals that you are in need of help.


TikTok Distress Signal Helps Save NC Teen

The teen in NC allegedly flashed the TikTok distress signal more than once on the road and finally someone was able to recognize it and get her the help that she needed. Now one man has been arrested who is accused of holding her hostage.

Canadian Women’s Foundation #SignalForHelp

Isolation during the pandemic meant that some saw an increase in domestic violence at home and the Canadian Women’s Foundation came up with a simple but effective solution to help. That solution is the hand signal going viral on TikTok and now other platforms, that is used to signal for help without using any words.

News about that distress signal has gone viral now after the story broke of how one teen in the US was able to use it to get help.

Reports of domestic violence increased during the pandemic with the Canada’s Assaulted Women’s Helpline receiving tens of thousands of calls within just a few months in 2020.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation details on their site more about The Violence At Home Signal For Help, which is a one handed sign to be used to signal in a safe way that someone is in need of help.

The distress signal or ‘Signal For Help’ as it has also been referred to, is a tool from the Canadian Women’s Foundation that is meant to help victims by providing them with a way to signal for help in a discreet manner.

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