The Beginning Of The End: Cleaning Up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Just recently there had been a marine parade that took place in Victoria BC to celebrate the completion of the System 002 test campaign by The Ocean Cleanup. They took out multiple tons of trash during the test campaign and have been working for years with the goal of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


Through the test campaign they were able to achieve proof of technology and that means that they’ve gone through tests to validate the data and come up with a scalable solution, they are able to repeatedly extract large amounts of plastic trash in the ocean.

This is an incredible tool that is going to be used to help clean up the ocean in an efficient manner. This brings a lot of confidence that through these efforts we will see a turnaround on this problem.

The Beginning of the End

To solve this problem of plastic pollution in the ocean it has taken many years to map the extent of the issue and to come up with something that works to address the problem. It’s suggested that as many as 1.8 million pieces of plastic are afloat in the ocean which makes up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that experts have been working to tackle together for years now.

The Ocean Cleanup has been on a mission to develop a scale technologies that are going to work to help rid the ocean of these unwanted plastics. Each year millions of tons of that plastic enters oceans through rivers and other water sources, and the problem is not going to go away on its own.

90% reduction in ocean plastic

For The Ocean Cleanup they have a goal of reducing at least 90% of the plastic in the ocean and they won’t consider it a job done until they reach that goal.


They and others have been dedicated to working at the problem of cleaning the oceans and over the years the optimism is growing as more solutions come to light that are looking to address this problem that we face. Millions of dollars have been raised in the effort to get this job done and it is one that many around the world support, cleaning up the oceans, and doing away with plastic waste and pollution in our environment and from the market as well.

Thanks to their efforts we can expect that the days of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch are truly numbered now and sooner or later we are going to see a significant resolution to this problem with more plastic waste that has been removed from our oceans.

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