More Protests In BC Against Vaccine Mandates

This weekend there was another protest in Vancouver and it wasn’t the first one of its kind to take place in Vancouver or around the province since the pandemic began.

A large crowd reportedly gathered on Sunday around the front of city hall to protest against vaccine mandates again, with signs that read messages like ‘consent not coercion’ and ‘last years heroes this years unemployed, or ‘I am not anti-vax I am pro-freedom’.


Recently we have seen that a number of healthcare workers have lost their jobs in BC, as well as those working in other professions, because of the controversial vaccine mandates that have been put into place.

Despite the protest over those mandates though the province currently does have a high rate of vaccination, with more than 76% of the province being vaccinated already.

Over 76% of BC Fully Vaccinated


It wasn’t just Vancouver seeing protests either against vaccine mandates, there were also hundreds more that protested on the BC Legislature lawn over the weekend too.

Losing Thousands of Healthcare Workers in BC

For a number of those healthcare workers who have chosen to lose their career over being vaccinated they have risked their livelihoods by doing so. Many who have opted to lose their jobs through this past year because of these issues both in Canada and other parts of the world, have said that they love their job, and that they aren’t ‘anti-science’ or ‘anti-vax’, they love medical freedom and just want the freedom to choose on this issue.

In other parts of the province, such as Kelowna, there were other large crowds that gathered to protest vaccine mandates as well recently. We saw that more healthcare workers and other community members came out to demonstrate and voice their concerns peacefully.

Since those vaccine mandates have been put into place there are some restaurants around BC that have also been allegedly penalized for allowing customers in without checking vaccination status in the province.

The vaccine mandates are a highly polarizing issue it seems and even though they might be temporary and set to expire some time next year, they have had a long-term impact already on thousands of lives for those who have lost their jobs over the issue in the healthcare industry and elsewhere.

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