Another Year of Lights at Lafarge

The Christmas light displays at Lafarge were cancelled during the pandemic but they are coming back once again this year now to Coquitlam.

This is a free outdoor holiday event to find going on in Coquitlam at Town Centre Park, from Nov 27 this year to Jan 31 2022. Find the holiday lights around the park as you make your way along the path. This is one of the most loved holiday experiences around Vancouver, with many who come out to the lights each year to enjoy the different displays that are set up.

Peak hours for the Lights at Lafarge park are between 6PM to 8PM with weekends also seeing the most traffic. It also gets busier as you get closer to Christmas, around Dec 20-26, if you are looking to avoid the crowds then you might want to choose different days and times when it is a little less busy.


The Lights at Lafarge event is a free outdoor light display event in Coquitlam going on during the holiday season. This event will be running from Nov. 27, 2021 to Jan. 31, 2022.

This event gives community members and visitors the chance to get outside and get a good walk in, explore around Pinetree Way and Lafarge Lake and see the beautiful holiday displays that have been put up as a part of this event. Looking for Christmas light displays around Vancouver? You will find many good ones here as a part of the Lights at Lafarge experience through the holiday season.

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