PNE 2021 WinterLights Vancouver Off to a Great Start

The PNE WinterLights celebration for this holiday season is already off to a great start. Already they have announced that 1,000 promo tickets for the event have sold. The Winter Lights at PNE starts on December 3rd 2021.


What is PNE Winter Lights Vancouver?

Throughout the year you can find different family friendly events going on at the PNE in Vancouver and this year they have returned the holiday favorite Winter Lights experience that is expected to be opening this December.

At the Winter Lights Holiday PNE event this year you will be able to find a variety of holiday displays, lights, an illuminated tunnel, and one of the most sparkling holiday experiences in Vancouver.

The PNE Winter Lights 2021 event will also feature a snow globe village, festive forest, there will be winter creatures to see, and even some food trucks as well. This is a fantastic family friendly event that is going on in Vancouver this holiday season that you will want to book tickets too before it’s too late.

Last year tickets sold out. Below is a photo from that event shared on their FB social media in Jan which was the 2020/2021 season.


A PNE drive-thru holiday journey

For those who are going to attend the event and make their way through the magical Winter Lights experience they are also encouraged to decorate their own cars. It is going to be a full on winter festival in Vancouver at this event with many lights and great holiday displays to see.

Visitors can share their experience with the tag #pnewinterlights

Find your tickets here to this fun upcoming holiday event happening in Vancouver, make plans to visit the PNE Winter Lights experience that will be starting this December.


How long is the Winter Lights experience?

Overall it is estimated that this holiday event in Vancouver ranges from 30-45 minutes to fully be able to make your way through all of the tunnels, to see the displays, maybe get some food, and make your way out.

However, it could vary depending on how quickly people make their way through, as well as other factors such as the high volume of guests which might also impact the length of time for the experience.


The tickets for this WinterLights experience are going to be based on the car, not per person, so the pricing is per carload and the price will depend on when you seek to book your ticket.

On the PNE site they also state that a vaccine card or passport will not be required for the event because the guests for WinterLights 2021 are expected to remain in their vehicles for the entire route of the holiday event.

This is going to be a fantastic family friendly event going on for the holidays in Vancouver that has a lot to offer with the different displays and lights you will get to see throughout the WinterLights experience.

Make your way through one of the most festive events this holiday season in Vancouver by attending this memorable holiday journey through PNE with WinterLights which starts on Dec 3 2021.

The PNE just recently announced on their social media that they were giving away promo tickets for the upcoming 2021 WinterLights and even though those 1,000 first tickets might have sold out already there are still more to find.

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