Non-Profit Offers Rebate For Homeowners in BC Who Collect Rainwater

A non-profit in BC is offering rebates for homeowners in Salt Spring Island, BC, who collect rainwater.

That non-profit, Transition Salt Spring (TSS), began the project known as Rainwater Harvesting Rebate in October and it gives homeowners between $250 to $500 for installing cisterns that enable them to catch rainwater on their properties and store that water.


Saving Water In BC Communities

There had been such interest for homeowners getting involved in the program that they needed to shut down the application process after a few days. There are dozens of applications going through the rebate program and it is looking to possibly help save 100,000 litres of well water each year.

Due to the high demand with this project there is a waitlist of homeowners that are looking to take advantage of the opportunity in collecting rainwater on their own home.

The homeowner water collection program they have come up with for Salt Spring Island is supposed to help maintain water levels during the hot and dry summer months, among fueling other benefits.


Dealing With Droughts In BC

This is an area that has dealt with water shortages in the past and has experienced some of the worst water shortages this past year with the record breaking heatwave that we had seen that ended up cooking over 1 billion seashore animals, and leading to lives lost around the province.

There are more communities around BC facing the same issue with water shortages. Given the success so far of the program, in seeing the enthusiasm from the community about getting involved, this could translate into seeing more programs like this spread to other areas of BC as well as people look for solutions to their water problems.

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