New Disaster Preparedness App Expected to Be Available Soon

A new disaster preparedness app is being developed and will soon be piloted for people living on Vancouver Island and that app, known as the Canadian Hazards Emergency Response and Preparedness app, is expected to be available soon within the coming weeks ahead.


The CHERP app will be available for those on Vancouver Island, BC, set to launch at some point this November, with a pilot in a few Island communities like Nanaimo, Tofino, and other areas.

The CHERP app is being built to provide a space for Canadians to create their own personal emergency plans in to prepare for an emergency that might take place such as a tsunami, earthquake, or other disaster.

Preparing For The ‘Big One’

It has long been said that Vancouver is overdue for ‘the big one’ which seismologists have predicted there is around a 21% chance that we might see this event take place within the next 50 years. Experts have repeatedly suggested that it is only a matter of time that this might happen, that it is inevitable for a large earthquake to hit this region of Canada at some point.


Preparations have been made over the years and different preparedness projects and efforts have been underway to try and familiarize communities around the West Coast about the risks, and to get people to think about a plan in case of such an emergency.

Dozens of areas have been established across the Metro Vancouver area as disaster support hubs if any such earthquake were ever to take place in the area. There is a lot of planning and organization that has already gone on around the West Coast in making preparations to prepare in whatever way possible for such an event that could take place. This includes making plans for emergency response centers and shelter areas, building tsunami warning systems and other helpful networks, upgrading building quality, and more.

For those on Vancouver Island who want to do more to prepare for any potential earthquake there will be the CHERP app coming out soon, available to a handful of communities in the region.

This is one way for people to be able to create their own emergency plan and enable them to have something in place to help them prepare in any way possible. It can also give a warning to people in the area if their home is located in a tsunami zone as well. This could help to save lives and also potentially reduce unnecessary travel departure for families as well at the time of the event, if they find out they aren’t in a tsunami zone.

The preparedness app could help families to reduce that time of chaos and help them to start acting to make sure they get somewhere safe as quickly as possible, and potentially respond in the best way possible to the situation. They are currently in the final app development stages and it will soon be coming out to be piloted in 7 communities around Vancouver Island.

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