Fireworks Go Off Around Vancouver Despite Ban

Many people around Vancouver celebrated Halloween this past weekend by setting off fireworks. They could be heard in neighborhoods around the Metro Vancouver area, with people setting them off in backyards, parks, and other areas.

This comes despite a ban on fireworks in the region and this was set to be the first Halloween in Vancouver to test that ban but it seems that it failed.


You can find a number of complaints that people shared across social media about their experience with the fireworks that lasted for hours this past weekend, the fireworks made it harder for many to get a good night sleep.

There were families and individuals around the Lower Mainland who were seen out enjoying the fireworks, getting to trick or treat, and visiting various Halloween attractions in different neighborhoods.

Some described it as a war zone with fireworks going off around Vancouver and other areas. And while it might have been a temporary night’s inconvenience for many here it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on how there are people around the world who live under these conditions on a regular basis.


What can be done about fireworks in Vancouver is what some have asked across social media. Is there any way to try and help the problem? It is clear that there are many around the Vancouver region who want to set off fireworks during this time of year.

If the city were to establish an organized firework event for community members to attend (by donation?) perhaps this would be a good way to decrease those fireworks heard around the area. The fireworks event could be beneficial in the money that gets raised, and the event would still meet the need of those who are looking for that bit of fun for a special celebration in a more organized setting.

1 in 10 Decorate More For Halloween Than Christmas

About 1 in 10 people in BC say that they decorate more for Halloween than they do Christmas, it’s a big event that many love to celebrate.

Previous polls asking the community whether they support a fireworks ban in the city have found mixed results, with about half on one side and half on the other.

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  1. Fireworks are bad here in Edmonton too especially in summer months. People are careless. We’ve also had a lot of fires recently and I can’t help but wonder if fireworks are partially responsible.


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