Kelowna Wants Community Feedback on E-Scooter Program

E-Scooters have been growing in popularity and we are starting to see the trend growing around BC too now. The e-scooter service has already proven to be a popular one around the province, including areas like Kelowna.

There have been some issues along the way with the proposed e-scooter service in BC, including concerns for a lack of helmet use, lack of proper parking, and concern over riders being possibly under the influence, among other issues.

Looking to Improve On E-Scooter Service

Those behind the project have reportedly been working with authorities to iron out those kinks and enforce helmet laws, to also educate on the crime of riding an e-scooter under the influence, and so on.


So far there have been a lot of first time riders who have used the service as it is a great way for someone to test out what e-scooters might be like without having to buy one for themselves, they can just rent one. They are also a more cost effective transportation method than a ride sharing alternative might be or other transportation methods.

Those who are looking forward to expanding the e-scooter services around BC have noted their enthusiasm for using the e-scooters to delivery on community priorities. They are favored because they take up less space on the roads, are electric, and provide a more cost effective alternative, among other benefits.

There are some restrictions surrounding those e-scooter services and it is important to be aware of them before engaging in the program.


Now the program for e-scooters in Kelowna is looking for community feedback, searching for possible input on looking to identify improvements. People are encouraged to share their own personal experiences with e-scooters to help build that overall community feedback for the e-scooter program in Kelowna.

Take the E-Scooter Survey

Anyone looking to give their feedback for that e-scooter service can do the e-scooter survey here. There isn’t much time left so for those who want to take part in giving their feedback to try and improve upon this program for e-scooters in Kelowna you will need to submit your information to the survey before the deadline.

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