Food Banks Prepare for Growing Demand As Inflation Pushes Prices Higher

Canadian inflation recently hit an 18-year high and this means that things are going to get more expensive around the country as prices go up for a variety of items on the shelves.

To try and fight those food increases it might mean more are turning to things like urban farming, food markets, couponing, buying only what is on sale, or looking to buy in bulk when they can. There are also food banks available to help and other solutions like the Rescued Food Market in Vancouver that allows customers to pay what they can afford.


With that increasing inflation and supply chain issues that have also caused concern as well, there is expected to be growing demand for help and that means organizations like food banks are bracing themselves for that rise in demand. Some are already in crisis mode because of the pandemic as the need for their services increased greatly for millions of families around Canada and elsewhere.

Supporting Community Organizations That Give Back

There are many who are going to struggle with that increase in prices and this is the time that the community can help those organizations that are giving back, by helping to meet that need for others in their community. Inflation hasn’t been this high in almost two decades and that is going to have an impact on what prices we are paying for the goods we need each day.

The higher prices is expected to push more to needing those community organizations that are there to help feed, cloth, and to give back to those who are in need. Around the country there are a growing number of individuals and families who are already signing up to food centers to get help.

1 in 7

The majority of Canadians are living in food secure households but there are still millions who aren’t. In 2020 it was estimated that 1 in 7 Canadians were experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic and with prices increasing for things that they need it is going to get worse.

A recent Food Banks Canada HungerCount 2021 report is calling for a significant overhaul of the social safety net that is in place in an effort to try and reduce poverty in the country and help address food insecurity. It isn’t enough critics say to meet the demand. Throughout the pandemic there were millions of Canadians who visited food banks and with prices getting higher this could mean even more pressure is placed on those resources around the province and throughout the country.

The recent election brought attention to the fact that many Canadians were worried about the rising cost of living and the worrisome increase in inflation for Canadians and resulting rise in the cost of living even further will again work to keep that issue at the forefront for many Canadians.

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