Canada Single Use Plastics Ban Expected To Be Finalized This Year

Canada had a plan to ban single use plastic products this year that was announced long ago, this plan to ban single use plastics around the country is expected to be finalized at the end of 2021.

The plan to ban single use plastics in Canada includes a move to ban things like plastic grocery bags, stir sticks, plastic straws, cutlery, and containers for takeout food.

The effort put forth is a plan to try and reduce waste in the environment from single use plastics. You might have already seen the paper straws start to pop up at your favorite fast food restaurants and grocery markets, and plastic bag options have been taken away.

There are several reasons for this plan to reduce single use plastics in Canada and among those reasons Canadian leaders cite are motivations such as these materials are:
– Harmful to environment
– Costly to recycle
– There Are Readily Available Alternatives


The Move to Ban Single Use Plastics in Canada

There are already popular grocery store chains like Safeway that have moved away from plastic bags in their stores and you need to bring a bag with you or you can purchase a reusable bag there or a paper bag. There are other stores that are also following in the same footsteps with this trend in removing more plastic from the market today.

It isn’t just BC either where businesses are making this change, other Canadian provinces have also seen similar changes.

We can now find single use plastic bans that have sprung up in Nanaimo, Surrey, and other regions. In recent years the province has also made it easier for BC communities to implement their own bans on single use plastic items and plastic bags etc.

The province is still looking to do more and it could be as early as 2023 that we start to see some new regulations on that front for the ban on single use plastics on a much more broad scale in the region.

It might not be that much longer before more retailers start to transition in the same direction and drop their single use plastic bags that they are still offering to customers these days.

Canadian leaders have suggested that they will be looking to move forward on banning those plastics by 2021 but plastic pollution is still a problem.

It is estimated that Canadians are throwing away roughly 3.3 million tonnes of plastic every year.

With those promises of banning single use plastics they are moving closer to their goals of reducing waste and some surveys have shown that the majority of Canadians support this move. However, you can still find these items readily available at different businesses around the province but in recent years it has been evolving with more compostable and paper options coming out.

That federal ban on single use plastics is expected to come into effect at the end of this year.

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