Canucks Home Opener Thanks Healthcare Workers

Fans filled Rogers Arena for the first time in more than one year, after a lengthy 595 days, and they cheered on their team as well as BC healthcare workers in a memorable display this week. Hockey fans around Vancouver were happy to celebrate even though in the end they ended up losing to the Minnesota Wild 3-2.

The moment was a long time coming for fans around Vancouver who took that opportunity to celebrate and thank frontline workers in the province. It was a chance for them to finally get out and support their team in person and it was a special moment for all of the Canuck fans which came after more than one year of waiting.

This was the first regular season game in front of Vancouver Canucks fans in more than one year. It was a doctor who led the national anthem for the game. It was a great moment for fans to get together and celebrate, to sing, to enjoy a good game and support their team.

This was expected to be one of the biggest crowds since last year for the province and sports fans are excited to get back to watching their games as usual and supporting their favorite team at home.

Following the game media reports suggested that the team couldn’t match the crowds energy as they failed to secure the win. But it was a win for fans who are just happy to be back and watching the game, supporting in person once again.

Vancouver hockey fans are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the world and it’s great that they have the chance once again to go in person to games and support their favorite team.

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