5 Ways to Give Back During the Holiday Season

There are many families who are struggling this holiday season and food banks and other community resources and organizations can always need a little bit more help around the holiday season. Whether you want to volunteer your time to do good or you are looking to drop off a few items there are multiple ways to get involved and to give back during the holiday season.


5. Donate Your Time

This is one of the most obvious but you could donate your time to a variety of organizations during this time of year. Food banks and churches, other organizations in BC, rely on help from members of the community throughout the year. Spending the afternoon or a day giving back to others in your community is a great way to do a little something that goes a long way to help others around you.

4. Donate Some Goods

Have some extra canned goods around or want to buy some toys for kids this Christmas? There are multiple ways that you can donate. Find a church near you that is having a food or toy drive, donate some used clothes to them to give out to those who need it. There are organizations like the food bank and other places where you can organize to drop off food donations if you have them. Look for food bank donations at your local grocery store this season.

3. Give to The Salvation Army

This is an organization which helps Canadians around the country and it has been collecting donations and doing good for years in different communities. It is easy to make an online donation and the resources go a long way to those in Canada who need a helping hand.



Don’t forget that this time of year there are also animals around the province that need help too. SPCA locations need all of the help from the community that they can get and it is easy to send donations online or to sponsor a kennel or play area for a cat or dog with the SPCA. There are multiple ways to get involved and give back to a great organization that is doing so much to help animals in the province who are in need.

Make a donation to the SPCA here.

1. Support Community Projects

There are several community projects that are around to help those who are food insecure in the country and who are struggling to make ends meet.

For example, there is the new grocery market in Vancouver now that allows customers to pay whatever they can afford. And buying items from this market and giving a generous donation helps to keep the project going. There are other community projects as well, such as free food fridges, that could also use the help during the holiday season. Get some extra food or toiletries together and drop them off at a free community fridge in BC for others to access who need the assistance.

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