Where to Recycle Your Halloween Candy Wrappers in BC

There are a number of companies in Canada that try to make it easier today for Canadians to recycle.

From offering a place to donate old batteries, old laptops and other electronics, to a destination for old candy wrappers, there is lots that Canadian companies are doing to help with the trash around the country.

This Halloween London Drugs has partnered Recycle BC to again offer their Flexible Plastics Return program that accepts old Halloween candy wrappers.

Take the time to bring your old Halloween candy wrappers to a London Drugs location in BC to donate that flexible plastic garbage.


Bring Your Halloween Wrappers to London Drugs


This is a great action that London Drugs is engaging in for the province, allowing Canadians in this region to have a spot to easily bring that plastic garbage to get rid of in a convenient manner. If you are headed to London Drugs to do some shopping anyways then bring that Halloween candy wrapper garbage right along with you.

The London Drugs BC stores will be accepting Halloween candy wrapper returns to help keep that garbage out of landfills and away from the environment as a result. They’ve managed to collect thousands of kilograms of garbage through the years through this program that they offer.

London Drugs has provided a valuable solution for the collection of flexible plastic packaging in BC and for those who browse their waste management apps they will see that this sort of item is not accepted in the curbside recycling boxes and it is required to take it to the nearest depot.

Recycle Old Candy Wrappers at London Drugs and More

London Drugs has also provided help to Canadians with recycling items like computers, batteries, small appliances, smoke alarms, light bulbs, Styrofoam, and more. Some of those items that they are accepting for recycling are only taken if purchased at London Drugs as well.

Find out more about their recycling efforts here from their social media account that details their recycling efforts and more.

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