Canadians Looking To Spend More on Holiday Shopping This Year

Despite the increased prices in just about everything this year from food to gas and more, Canadians are looking at spending more this holiday season a recent survey has found. And some of them have already started getting that shopping done for the holiday season.

For weeks we have been hearing about supply chain issues and this includes the Port of Vancouver having a backlog of ships that are waiting to be unloaded, just as other areas around the world are also facing similar issues.

Spending More This Holiday Season on Christmas Gifts


In 2021 Canadians are planning to spend upwards of $700 on their Christmas shopping, according to a recent survey from the Retail Council of Canada, this is up from an average of $693 that was spend in 2020.

Last year we saw that many Canadians wanted to try and spend less because of the pandemic and they were happy to stay home that holiday season. It was estimated that more than half of Canadians had changed their travel plans for the holiday season because of the pandemic.

The US land border still being closed to non essential travel was going to impact Canadians fall and winter vacations again this year but it looks like on Nov 8 it is going to open to fully vaccinated Canadians. However, the specific rules surrounding those travel activities aren’t known yet and there is more to come on that front.

Photo by Any Lane on Pexels.com

Another recent Canadian holiday sentiment study disclosed that about 27% of Canadians are looking to buy Christmas gifts this year, or something on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. About 17% of Canadians are looking to spend more this year than they usually do on holiday gifts and many will look online to get them.

With inflation hitting recently unprecedented highs, and prices going up for most items that Canadians are having to buy like food, gas, and other items, it means they have less for discretionary spending.

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