Big Elf Run in Vancouver Coming Soon

The 7th annual Big Elf Run is coming to Vancouver on Dec 11 2021 and is going to be a themed holiday run that offers a 5km, 10km, 15km Big Elf Run or Walk event to take part in. There is also a 1km Wee Elf Run or Walk to find as well. Get started in Stanley Park with friends and family and have some holiday fun this December in Vancouver.

The Big Elf Run 2021 Coming Soon


The Big Elf Run 2021 is going to be starting at Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park

There is going to be prize giveaways at this Big Elf holiday running event in Vancouver, vendors, and more. This is one exciting event coming for the holiday season in Vancouver and it is only a few weeks away. There is still time to plan to go and get a costume ready for the elf-themed fun.

Registering for the Vancouver Elf Run 2021 includes getting treats like an Elf Name Bib, Elf Toque, and being able to secure your spot for the event. Find out more about the Vancouver 2021 Big Elf Run here on their IG social media page.

There have been several Big Elf Runs in Vancouver and there are always many who are happy to come out support the event and take part in this family friendly holiday fun. You will see people in Stanley Park of all ages coming to join in on the run and get dressed up like an elf for fun for the festive-themed event in December.

There will be a variety of holiday themed events to find around Vancouver this year and that includes the 2021 Big Elf Run starting in Stanley Park, along with other popular events to find throughout the rest of the year. There will be no shortage of options if you are looking for something new and fun to do in the city this season.

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