North Vancouver May Start to Heat Homes with Bitcoin Mining Operations Soon

Bitcoin mining has been helping to heat homes around the world for years now in some regions. And now we will have the same happening in Vancouver too, homes in North Vancouver might be heated using bitcoin mining by next year. This means that North Vancouver could be the first city in the world to do this, to use bitcoin mining for home heating in Canada.

There are also discussions about turning solar roofs and EVs into bitcoin mines as well to further explore the opportunity that cryptocurrency has to offer around the world. We are increasingly seeing bitcoin become a part of our society today and yes this could mean even being used to help heat homes in North Vancouver.


The bitcoin mining being used to heat homes in North Vancouver won’t be the first time it is tried in the world but marks a significant move for the first city in the world to move forward with such a bold plan for innovation in this area if they are going to heat all of their homes with this method.

The North Vancouver city owned operation, the Londsdale Energy Corporation or LEC is in charge of heating 100 buildings with thousands of apartments that are located around the Central and Lower Lonsdale areas.

Already there are a number of bitcoin mining operations that have transitioned to new areas recently since the crackdown on mining in China. This has meant that Canada too is seeing some of those bitcoin mining operations coming here, to places like Alberta, Texas, and other areas.

There are individuals who have used bitcoin mining to heat hot tubs, or heat homes, and this shows that there is great potential to harness this technology and provide significant value to communities around BC and elsewhere in the world today.


Environmentally Friendly Cryptocurrency Solutions

For North Vancouver it is expected that the bitcoin mining operations are going to be able to help heat roughly 100 commercial and residential buildings, with the help from MintGreen’s Digital Boilers to get the job done. This is one environmentally friendly solution for bitcoin mining that could have a great impact for North Vancouver, and then other areas as well in the future that follow suit with similar plans.

There are already other individuals and companies out there who have also looked into the potential for using bitcoin mining to heat their venues as well, this opportunity with cryptocurrency is just getting started with North Vancouver becoming the world’s first city to make waves by making this move to heat homes with bitcoin.

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