Vancouver Council Votes Against Controversial Overnight Parking Fees

Changes were set to be made to the streets of Vancouver with a vote on rules for overnight parking that would bring in new fees against those who are parking on the street through the night. However, Vancouver’s council has recently voted against the move earlier this month.


It was an overnight parking permit fee, a proposal that was a part of the climate emergency parking program, which had been voted down by several council members and the Mayor was the one who reportedly had cast a tiebreaking vote.

The news received both support and upset upon that vote news, with some saying the city isn’t doing enough to take action on climate goals. Others however cheered the move to shoot it down, noting that it means now that those fees and resulting unnecessary hardship won’t be coming to people around Vancouver who are already struggling in one of the most expensive cities in the country.

If those changes to the parking in the city had passed it would have meant people in Vancouver parking overnight on any residential street would have to pay a fee. The engineering department for the city had previously proposed a plan which would put forth a $45 parking permit fee for those parking on the residential streets.

Survey Finds: 80% of Vancouver Residents Don’t Want Overnight Parking Permit Fee

The proposal was one that seemed to have a great deal of disapproval from those in Vancouver, with a survey showing about 80% didn’t agree with the move.


The Climate Emergency Parking Program has been detailed as an approach to help the city reduce carbon emissions and it would also expected that it would help to generate a great deal of funds for the city as well through those parking permit fees too. Despite the disapproval from the residents who are against it and the council members who voted it down, some experts maintain that it is still a loss for the fight against climate change.

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