5 Great Comedy Shows Coming in November

There are a few great comedy shows that are going to be coming up soon around Vancouver. There are always great events to find around the city and when it comes to comedy there is no shortage of options.

Through the pandemic things changed and many shows including comedy performances got cancelled but now those tours are coming back and comedy is alive once more. For a fun comedy night in Vancouver find tickets to upcoming shows featuring acts like Hasan Minhaj, Jeff Dunham, and more.


5. Comedy Night At The Roxy

Coming up on Nov 30 is the Comedy Night at the Roxy from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM at The Roxy Cabaret. The venue is located at 932 Granville St in Vancouver. Some of Vancouver’s best comedians are going to take the stage at this comedy event which is presented by Jokers Canada.

Find more about the Comedy Night at The Roxy in Vancouver here.

4. Amir K Comedy Show

At the House of Comedy in New West you can find the Amir K comedy show going on at the end of November on the 28th from 7:00-8:45PM. You might recognize Amir K from the MTV prank show known as Jerks with Cameras or seen some of his comedy videos on YouTube.


3. Mark Normand Comedy Special Presentation

Mark Normand is having a comedy show at the House of Comedy in New Westminster located at 530 Columbia St. You can find some of his great comedy material already on YouTube, catch his comedy special below known as Out to Lunch which is a one hour special.

And get tickets to see him at the House of Comedy in New West if you want more!

2. Hasan Minhaj – The King’s Jester November 14 2021

Hasan Minhaj is in Vancouver with The King’s Jester comedy show. Minhaj is going to be in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for this show which is taking place on Saturday Nov 14th at 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM. The King’s Jester comedy show is going to be located at 630 Hamilton Street.

This is a brand new show of Minhaj’s after the cancellation of his popular The Patriot Act series and Netflix 2017 comedy special ‘Homecoming King‘ which came out previously.


1. Jeff Dunham: Seriously on November 4, 2021

Taking place at the Abbotsford Centre Jeff Dunham is going to be there with the Seriously comedy show. Located at 33800 King Rd in Abby. Jeff Dunham has millions of social media followers and is an accomplished comedian veteran with standup specials on popular platforms like Netflix and Comedy Central.

Look for tickets to the Jeff Dunham comedy show event here.

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