The 2021 Vancouver Cheese and Meat Festival

The Vancouver Cheese and Meat Festival is coming up with 2 BC locations both in Vancouver and Victoria this November. For foodie lovers in BC this is a great opportunity to get out and try something new. Have fun at a cheese and meat artisan food and beverage festival event this November and experience some local and international items.


The Cheese and Meat Festival showcases different food products that are both local and international. The festival offers access to food and beverages you would commonly find on a serving platter or charcuterie board. This event showcases food and beverage items that pair well together and also gives guests an educational experience with its seminars.

Taste different cheese and meat products and you can also find some great items to buy and take home with you.

After a dynamic year of pivot projects, pandemic unknowns, and a further push towards the buy-local movement, we are pleased to announce that the Cheese and Meat Festival 2021 will return this fall. The Festival will take place on Saturday, November 6th at the beautiful Pipe Shop located in North Vancouver. The Festival will have three tasting sessions and seminars that will showcase the best of the local artisan food and beverage industry.

Location: The Pipe Shop
115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver

Vancouver on Nov 6

This North Vancouver located Cheese and Meat festival which will be full of artisan goodies for food and beverages is going to be located at Victory Ship Way in North Vancouver, but there is also going to be another event in Victoria on Nov 27 2021.

The Vancouver Cheese and Meat 2021 Event in Vancouver is on Nov 6 2021. There have been several foodie Cheese and Meat Festival events in Vancouver and there are more coming up for those who might be looking to attend this year.

Discover the latest trends for cheese and meat products, meet local vendors that offer some of the best products in the market right now for cheese and meats, and learn about great pairings to go along with those items. This can be both a fun and an educational event, perfect for all foodies and those who appreciate a good charcuterie board.

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