Holiday Shopping Started While Delays Persist for Port of Vancouver

There are ships around the Port of Vancouver that have been delayed from getting in. This isn’t the only area where ships are currently delayed from making their normal route. It is reported that there are supply chain issues expected this fall and shoppers have been urged to get an early start to things.

Already, there are some who have begun their Christmas shopping and they have looked to get an extra early start on things this year.

The Port of Vancouver delays could persist for some time. This delay with shipping containers might make things difficult for the upcoming holiday season with getting things here on time and having enough in stock to try and meet the demand.

Shipping Delays Mounting Leading Up To Holiday Season

The shipping delays are going on in Vancouver and other parts of the world and could mean that we might see more supply chain issues as the holiday season approaches.

For some stores around Canada, like toy stores for example, they could run out of some popular in demand items and that means that some parents are getting started now on looking for what they need.

Sales might be harder to find as well as those items that are in high demand. In some areas of the U.S. there are stores that have already recently implemented limits on purchases because they’re trying to avoid those shortages that we saw last year because of the pandemic.


For some items there might be a lot of demand but the capacity isn’t there and so this could lead to supply chain issues. Experts suggest that we might still experience some of those supply chain issues in the coming weeks ahead in different parts of the world.

With the backlog of ships in Vancouver right now it isn’t clear when this might be resolved fully and what impact this might have on the supply chain overall.

Those who don’t want to end up seeing empty shelves when they head out to do holiday shopping might have already started looking for what they need and more are also likely to get started soon once Halloween is over.

For some items it could be harder to find, such as trying to find certain toys for example, and that’s why experts are warning the public that they should look to get started earlier rather than later this year because of those potential supply chain issues that we might see.

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