Where to Look For The Best Seafood in Vancouver

When you want a good steak and seafood Vancouver restaurant to visit for a meal then there are a few great places that you can go look to find what you need. In Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland there are a wide range of seafood options, both upscale and affordable seafood restaurants when you are getting those cravings and looking for a great seafood dinner.


Finding Seafood in Vancouver Downtown

Downtown Vancouver is a beautiful area to go for a meal. Plan a late night dinner in Coal Harbour or Gastown, there are a variety of communities to explore and enjoy. Downtown Vancouver you will find some of the best food being served and this includes the best of seafood. Everything including salmon, oysters, clams, crab cakes, lobster, crab, mussels, and much more.

Seafood in Vancouver downtown is no joke and you will be able to find some truly mouthwatering dishes and some of the best restaurants serving seafood you will definitely want to come back for.

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Try An Amazing Seafood Boil at The Captains Boil

This is truly the best seafood Vancouver restaurant when you want a seafood boil in Vancouver. If you are like me and you’ve watched countless seafood boil mukbang videos and you are ready to try it out for yourself then make a date at this joint. The Captain’s Boil has got some of the best for a seafood boil in Vancouver.

Lobster, Snow Crab Legs, Shrimp, and More!


The Perfect Steak and Seafood Date Night

There are multiple restaurants that come to mind when you are thinking of having the best steak and seafood dinner. Sometimes you just both because they go great together and there are many restaurants serving the combo.

Try these restaurants in Vancouver and around the Lower Mainland for a perfect steak and seafood dinner in Vancouver.

– The Boathouse

– The Keg

Cactus Club

The Boathouse, The Keg, and Cactus Club, these are the best restaurants to think of for a steak and seafood dinner in Vancouver though they aren’t the only ones of course. They’ve got multiple locations for these restaurants, some that are in the most popular areas of the city with the best views.

Find great cocktails, delicious steak and seafood dinner, and more at one of these top Vancouver restaurants.


Affordable Seafood in Vancouver – Cockney King’s

For many of us we just want affordable seafood in Vancouver. So where can we find the cheap seafood Vancouver offers? One of the best places for seafood to find some great value is with Cockney Kings.

Find Cockney Kings in both Burnaby in New West which are not that far of a drive away from Vancouver if you are looking for a great seafood deal. This is truly a place to find some good deals on seafood in the way of cheap seafood in Vancouver when you want big portions for affordable prices.

Great service, easy to find on delivery apps too for extra convenience, and some of the best seafood deals around the Vancouver area for Burnaby and New West.

Best Fresh Seafood in Vancouver

Looking for some amazing fresh seafood in Vancouver? Go right down to Coal Harbour and make a reservation at a seafood restaurant there like Cardero’s. Or you could head over to Granville Island and find multiple amazing fresh seafood restaurant locations in Vancouver to enjoy.

At Cardero’s you will find this is a seafood restaurant in Vancouver that has a stunning location, beautiful views for lunch or dinner, and amazing seafood quality with fresh seafood when you want it.

For other seafood restaurants try:

– The Sandbar Seafood Restaurant

– The Vancouver Fish Company

– Popina Canteen


Looking for Seafood Platters?

Head on over to Cardero’s in Vancouver and try the Seaside, Harbour, or Dockside Platter for a group. This is a great restaurant for any occasion, from brunch to dinner.

Vancouver has seriously got you covered when you want great seafood. This means finding just about anything from lobster to crab legs, great seafood boils, a steak and dinner combo, or some seafood platters to share. You can find it all in the city.

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