The Best Of Fall Foliage In The City

October is truly the best time for fall colors in British Columbia. You can see some stunning fall foliage going on around the province including all around Vancouver. If you are looking for the best time to see fall colors in Vancouver then the answer is now. Head on out to do some walking, hiking, and explore the fall foliage in and around Vancouver.

There are beautiful colors to see around Vancouver in the fall.

Orange, yellow, red, and more, you can see stunning fall colors around the city. From North Vancouver to Langley and all around the Lower Mainland. There are a variety of great parks and places to explore that will give you those stunning fall views that you are looking for.


Deer Lake Park is one of the best places to explore around Vancouver when looking for those perfect fall colors. Deer Lake Park and Deer Lake park trail are very popular and this is a great area to hike around Burnaby that offers plenty of room to get out and explore. Anyone looking for the best place to see fall colors in BC is going to be happy with the view here.

VanDusen Gardens is another park that is located in Vancouver that is perfect for a visit in the fall. There are some of the most stunning plans and trees in this garden space in Vancouver. For the best in fall foliage around Vancouver you are going to be able to get some truly enchanting pictures at the gardens at VanDusen. Get all of the beautiful fall colors here and then some.

Burnaby Mountain Burnaby Mountain is a spectacular place to go hiking. You will get to see some great views of the mountains and the surrounding inlet on the other side, make your way through the trails. There are benches to sit down and take in the view if you want and plenty of parking to find on top of the mountain if you get there early enough.

Lafarge Lake is a great location in Coquitlam to go walking in the fall. Right now is the best time to see fall colors in Vancouver, October is really when those colors start to come out and you get a wonderful fall foliage display.

Queen’s Park in New Westminster is another top fall location for fall foliage. This location provides an expansive wooded area to walk around, paved walking paths, and is beautiful to explore in fall. Queen’s Park is a top location for fall foliage in Vancouver if you want the best in fall colors.

Vancouver Autumn Colors To Find Around BC

All around the province there are some stunning locations to find when you are looking for fall foliage. Those listed above are a few of the locations to check out around Vancouver if you are looking for the best parks and garden spaces in the fall.

Garibaldi Lake, Lindeman Lake, Stawamus Chief, Murrin Park Loop, Crooked Falls, Elk Mountain, Crystal Falls, The High Knoll

These locations listed above are some of the most popular locations in BC for fall when looking for the best in fall foliage and a beautiful place to explore and enjoy for the day. There is no shortage of options when you want to find the most beautiful autumn scenery around the city. Plan to visit any one of these locations and you are sure to see some spectacular fall views right now through October as this is truly one of the best times to see fall colors in BC and around Vancouver.

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