Some of the Best Burgers and Shakes at Mooyah

Mooyah Chilliwack is where you can find some great comfort food. They have good burgers, shakes, and this is a great small business to support in the city. If you are wondering what burgers Chilliwack has to offer then look here first at the Moo burger menu at Mooyah before going anywhere else.

This is where you find great burger and shakes in Chilliwack and more on the Mooyah menu.

They also make some great lettuce wraps if you are looking to stay keto and want great keto burgers in Chilliwack for a meal then just go with the lettuce wrap because they do it right here.

Get the Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Shake for fall which is perfect to pair with one of their seriously delicious burgers that they have got on the menu. At Mooyah burgers on the menu you will find multiple burger options:





and more!

These burgers on the menu at Mooyah make it easy for those who are following these eating lifestyles to be able to get something in a convenient way. Just add on a keto lettuce wrap, paleo burger, and you are good to go.

mooyah in Chilliwack

Find delicious Jennie-O turkey burgers on the menu here! If you want a great turkey burger then look no further with the Mooyah turker burger at once because this one tastes great. But there is much more to find that is equally delicious on the Mooyah menu.

Shakes, Shakes, Shakes!

Burgers, shakes, and fries, it’s all in the name above as you can see on the sign. When you are craving the best in comfort food and want some good shakes then come to Mooyah to find it. And during fall for a limited time only you can find the Texas Pecan Shake and Pumpkin Pie Shake for fall at Mooyah on the menu.

Mooyah shakes
Mooyah restaurant in Chilliwack

Mooyah Locations Around Vancouver

There are a growing number of Mooyah locations around the world and now you can find this restaurant in Chilliwack as well as the other location that is in North Vancouver. There are several Mooyah locations to find around the U.S. as well as well as other parts of the world.

At Mooyah on the menu you can find limited offers that are amazing fast food comforts like the previously introduced Mooyah Campfire Burger and the S’mores Shake that were both delicious. Find great burgers, fries, and the best in shakes right here at Mooyah.

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