Rolla Skate Club Brings Halloween Skate Event Back

The Rolla Skate Club has been behind festive Halloween skate events before and now for 2021 they are coming back with a Halloween themed Rolla Skate Club event. The Rolla Skate Club is a community seeking to empower women on wheels through fitness, sisterhood, and fun.

The Rolla Skate Club has put on a variety of events and the Halloween skating event is going to be open to everyone.

Find out more here about the organization Rolla Skate Club which is also currently hiring in Vancouver too.


Halloween Skating Event in Vancouver

The Halloween skating event in Vancouver for 2021 is going to be coming back on October 30 2021 this year and we can expect to see tickets to that Halloween skating event in Vancouver go on sale sometime next week.

Follow their social media for more updates on those tickets and the Halloween event.

Rolla Skate Club is a great organization that fosters connection and community, it’s a great place to make some new friends and learn how to roller-skate. The skating group has helped to make roller skating accessible to more people in the community through these events.

Photo by Vasiliki Tsiolakidou on

The Halloween roller skating event that is planned is going to be a fun Halloween event to find in the city if you are looking for something new to try out and experience. Get on your skates and go for a spin!

These events are a great opportunity to do some roller skating and have some fun with friends and family. There are very limited options available in the Vancouver market for anyone looking to do some roller skating or have a roller blading event but things are about to change.

Full Time Rolla Skate Club Coming Soon

To add to the fun there is also an exciting announcement that a full time Rolla Skate Club also looks to be coming at Rollerland which will be located at the PNE in Dec 2021. The new space for roller skating is 20,000 square feet and will give the Rolla Skate Club the chance to hold different fun roller skating events, classes, and more.

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