Park Board Approves Fines for Feeding Wild Animals

They had to close down Stanley Park for some time recently to the public because of the rise in coyote attacks in the area. A variety of issues were pointed to that might have contributed to that problem. Why were coyotes attacking more people in Stanley Park? That is what many wanted to know. Experts gave a variety of reasons, from displacement to people feeding them, and more.

Recently, some individuals had been caught feeding coyotes in Stanley Park and it is a problem around the city that can get you into trouble.

Fines for Feeding Wild Animals

Feeding wildlife in Vancouver could cost you hundreds of dollars now if you are caught and fined. The Vancouver park board recently voted to approve of the measure that would bring about a $500 fine for anyone that gets caught feeding wild animals.


Birds, Racoons, Coyotes, and other wild animals.


Anyone that gets caught feeding wild animals in Vancouver like coyotes, racoons, birds, and other animals in the park, could see that $500 fine as a result of their actions. Those who are trying to feed them might feel like it is an effort to help but animal experts warn that it does more harm than good.

Feeding wildlife around Vancouver is an issue that many are passionate about addressing, trying to raise awareness and education about the problem and discourage the public from attempting to feed wildlife when outdoors. Walking around Stanley Park and other areas of the city can still be enjoyable, experiencing the wildlife in those parks doesn’t have to include feeding them.

There Is No Safe Wildlife Animal Feeding Says Animal Group

According to animal advocates and groups who have spoken on the issue they claim that there is no safe wildlife animal feeding and strongly urge the public to avoid engaging in this behavior because there can be great consequences.

There are some areas that you can specifically go to in Vancouver if you are looking to feed animals and this means finding a place in the city where you can still see wildlife but be in a place where you are allowed to feed them.

Find places such as animal sanctuaries in the lower mainland or petting zoos, these are more appropriate areas to go to when looking to feed animals rather than feeding wild animals in areas like Stanley Park, because this is something that is prohibited and could get you fined and feeding those animals can cause more problems for them in the long run.

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