TransLink Rolls Out Their Free Wi-Fi Around Metro Vancouver

TransLink has finally launched their free WiFi for riders that are taking a trip on select buses and SkyTrains around the Metro Vancouver region. This is a part of their plan to bring free WiFi to their riders around the system, and that system wide free TransLink WiFi is expected to be fully completed for the Metro Vancouver area within the next few years.

At first it will only be a handful of buses so not all riders in the lower mainland are going to experience the free WiFi to start with just yet.

Eventually we will see the WiFi project grow and be installed in more vehicles over time, so that more along the SkyTrain system and bus system can benefit from it. This is going to be a great benefit for riders.


For 2019 the SkyTrain saw a daily ridership of over 500k, people all around the lower mainland are using the SkyTrain and the bus system to get to where they need to go. This includes tens of thousands of students and workers, making their way into the city and other areas each day.

You can already find some free WiFi available on SeaBuses and at the SeaBus terminals already but this is a grand approach to expand and have the program built for the system on a larger scale. TransLink ridership dropped last year because of the pandemic but with restrictions easing related to the pandemic they’ve seen a jump in ridership and that is expected to continue to get back to normal, and grow in demand.

Whether using the system for leisure travel, or to get to school or work, TransLink is looking to improve the efficiency for their customers and that includes bringing them the free WiFi to take advantage of along the way on their journey.

The TransLink system is an impressive and expansive transportation system that has grown all around the lower mainland.

It’s estimated that 9 in 10 Vancouverites live within minutes of frequent transit.


Several years ago it was seen that the number of people around Vancouver using public transit with this system was increasing and expected to continue growing. It was reported that Metro Vancouver was seeing that demand rise faster than any other metropolitan area.

For the new free WiFi TransLink system that should finally be in place within the next few years, fully established by 2026. The plan is for the free WiFi on TransLink to be available to all customers when it is fully completed.

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