Right Now Is the Best Time to See Fall Colors in Vancouver

Go for a walk through Stanley Park and you will see the beautiful fall colors right now around Vancouver. It is a stunning time of year and the best time to see fall colors in Vancouver.

In October you will see the shades of orange, red, yellow come out, leaves start to fall, and it is truly one of the best times of the year to go for autumn hikes near Vancouver and to explore the area.

Here are 5 great places to think of if you are looking to go for a fall walk in the city and want to know where you can get some of the best views of autumn colors around Vancouver.

5. Stanley Park In The Fall

Stanley Park is one of the most beautiful places to explore in the fall in Vancouver. You can get one of the best fall walks in the city where when it is fall in Vancouver.

See a variety of trees, the ocean views, make your way around the trails and bask in the beauty of the park that attracts so many visitors throughout the year.

This is one of the best places for nice fall walks in Vancouver and it is popular with locals and tourists and for good reason.

When looking for where to go in Vancouver during fall the answer is to go to Stanley Park, among other places, to see some amazing city views. This is where you truly get to see the best of fall in Vancouver.

4. Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver is another stunning area to explore during fall. This is one of the most popular garden spaces in spring and summer, also drawing visitors year round to see this beautiful area.

You can get some great Vancouver views from here and it is a beautiful place for fall in Vancouver when you want some autumn hikes or a good walk in a beautiful area to see the city.

Botanical Collection of Living Trees

At Queen Elizabeth Park you can explore a truly beautiful Vancouver park that is just as stunning to experience in the fall. This is one of the most beautiful park areas in Vancouver and a great space in the city to go for an autumn walk.

3. VanDusen Botanical Garden

Pay a visit to VanDusen Botanical Garden and you will get a truly magical fall experience. This is a stunning garden in Vancouver that offers the best for scenery all throughout the year.

For the best in fall walks in Vancouver this garden gives it all, a beautiful space to explore and an opportunity to book your visit too.

Convenience offers the best experience for a fall walk here at VanDusen Botanical Garden and this is a beautiful space to visit during anytime of the year, especially fall when all of the colors start to change.


2. Coal Harbour, Downtown

Coal Harbour is a beautiful space in downtown Vancouver to enjoy during fall. If you want an area to have a great fall walk then head on down to Coal Harbour to explore the area.

Around Coal Harbour on a fall walk you can see stunning views of the mountains here, get to walk around the seawall which isn’t far away, see boats and seaplanes coming in, and you’ll get some of the best views the city has to offer.

Coal Harbour has great brunch and breakfast restaurants to visit before or after your fall walk too. Mahony’s, SMAK, and LIFT bar are some of the best places in Coal Harbour to eat at.


1. Waterfront Park in North Vancouver

Waterfront Park in North Vancouver is a beautiful place to explore during fall. Walk around Vancouver Harbour and see some stunning ocean and mountain views.

The leaves will start changing in October and this is one of the best times in Vancouver to head out and start to see the stunning autumn colors.

Find picnic tables, walking trails, and there is a playground as well. You will see many people often walking in this area and the others mentioned above as they are some of the most popular destinations around BC.

The Best of Fall in Vancouver

Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Coal Harbour, Waterfront Park, VanDusen Gardens, these are just a few of the top areas to enjoy in Vancouver if you are looking to plan fall hikes or walks in Vancouver.

These are the communities and destinations that come to mind when thinking of fall in Vancouver and where to go when it is fall in the city, to see the best of those autumn colors.

It is already fall in Vancouver and the leaves have started to change, the landscape looks stunning, and there are countless areas to explore around the area when looking to plan fun fall hikes that offer great fall views.

The best of fall in Vancouver might be right now in October and now is the time to head out for some fall walks and enjoy the outdoors on some beautiful fall hikes.

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