Fungus Kills At Least 50% of Pumpkin Farmers Crop This Year

A farmer in Metro Vancouver from Maan Farms recently shared a story to social media about how he lost at least 50% of his pumpkin crop because of a fungus this year that caused the pumpkins to rot.

On their social media accounts you can see the pumpkins that are being sorted on the field and being organized to be taken away. The bad pumpkins were being removed from the pumpkin patch area and sent to be used as compost or being donated to other local farmers that might be able to use them for feed.

Now they are asking for more community help to get rid of those pumpkins.


On the social media they are offering free unmarketable pumpkins that can go to animal farmers and local sanctuaries, in a good effort to try and put some of those lost pumpkins to good use.

The pumpkins might not be good for a u-pick pumpkin patch event, for carving up and using for Halloween, but they might be good for some animal feed.

Above is the message that was posted and shared to their social media pages letting the community know to get the word out about the pumpkins.



This wed they are going to be giving away those free pumpkins to those in the community like animal farmers and sanctuaries that will be able to use them.

At the farm they will still have plenty of pumpkins left for the fall season for anyone that wants to come by and pick out their own pumpkin with the family for Halloween. There is still an abundance of pumpkins to find and more this fall at the farm.

The pumpkin patch isn’t the only cool experience to enjoy at Maan Farms in Abbotsford. You can also discover other fall events as well.

See the corn maze and more when you book tickets to the 2021 fall festival here.

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