Cactus Club Growing: New Location Opening In Vernon for 2022

Cactus Club is one of the most successful business stories in Western Canada. This food chain has grown from just one location to dozens of Cactus Club locations that you can now find in Canada. Cactus Club restaurants are found in more than just BC but in multiple provinces you can find this popular restaurant today.

Cactus Club continues to grow, they have several locations around Vancouver and throughout the province. And soon they will have a location opening in Vernon as well sometime next year.

Cactus Club in Vancouver BC
Cactus Club Restaurant in BC

Cactus Club In Multiple Provinces

Today you can find Cactus Club locations in multiple provinces like BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. There are plans to keep expanding the chain and that means that more locations will be coming to different communities in Canada. Another new one coming to BC is going to be located up in Vernon and that should be opening up sometime in 2022.

Plans for up to 60 locations to open up down the road

Cactus Club allegedly has plans for opening up to 60 locations around the country, everywhere from Toronto to Kelowna, and many in-between. Eventually we might even see some open in the United States market as well, the sky is the limit.

Today there are dozens of different locations and just in Vancouver alone you can find several like the Cactus Club in Yaletown, Coal Harbour, on Robson Street, and the beautiful location at English Bay.

At the Cactus Club location at English Bay it is the perfect place to grab a lunch or dinner meal right next to the beach. You will find that this restaurant is popular with both locals and tourists. There are several great Cactus Club locations to find around Vancouver and throughout the lower mainland.


The new Vernon Cactus Club location in BC is already under construction and is reportedly going to be located on Anderson Way in Vernon in the old location of the Temptasian restaurant that closed its doors after 13 years.

With the variety of locations it is easy to plan to grab a meal before or after shopping, or have some brunch by the beach, host a birthday party, because Cactus Club is a great venue for a variety of occasions. It’s the best date night spot, but it’s also a great location to have a family dinner or lunch, to welcome some out of town guests or family members. The food at Cactus Club is truly some of the best in the city and the service has always been highly professional.


Great Drinks and Food

The location alone is a great reason to have a meal at Cactus Club, one of the many different Canadian locations, but it isn’t the only reason. Cactus Club also has some of the best food and cocktails to go along with it.

During fall right now check their menu for your specific location, and try dishes like their festive pumpkin cheesecake for something new. There are several new and seasonal items to find on the menu, for food and drinks. Try a taste of their new Vietnamese Noodle Salad with vermicelli, fresh greens, tomatoes, peanuts, mango, avocado, cilantro, and some delicious chili lime dressing.

Cactus Club is also a great restaurant to order a good steak, like the peppercorn or four mushroom steak. From drinks to starters, meals, dessert, they have got you covered.

Before heading in check their menu to see what new dishes or drink specials they might be offering.

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