9 Photos of Shoreline Trail in the Fall

Shoreline Trail is one of the best trails in Port Moody to explore. This is close enough that if you are looking for trails around Vancouver that you might want to venture out to Port Moody and give this one a try.


The Shoreline Trail gives you a chance to see beautiful mountain views, have lots of trees surrounding you along you walk, as you make your way around the Burrard Inlet. There are many people who frequent Shoreline Trail, you will see people walking in groups, on their own, or walking their dogs etc.

As you make your way along Shoreline Trail you will also come up to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody and there is plenty to see and do in this region.


Ice Cream

Food Trucks

Rocky Point Park

Ocean Views

There is the SkyTrain nearby so it makes it easy to take public transportation to get to Shoreline Trail if you want to spend the day hiking around the pathways here. Before or after that hike there are many things to see in the Port Moody area, great food trucks, the park to explore, and more.

The Boathouse Restaurant is nearby, along with the boat launch area and the boardwalk where you can walk out to get a better view of the Burrard Inlet.

Shoreline Trail is a clean and easy walking trail in Port Moody that brings you all around the Burrard Inlet, with sweeping views of the ocean and mountains. There are a number of benches available along the way as well if you want to sit down for a rest or take some pictures.


Shoreline Trail is a beautiful BC trail to explore during the fall. It is an easy trail near Vancouver to get to and it offers fantastic mountain and ocean views. If you aren’t taking public transportation there are a variety of areas to find parking nearby as well if you want to hike around Shoreline Trail for the morning or afternoon. Find parking near Rocky Point Park, along Murray St, and other areas nearby.

Above on the map you can see where Rocky Point Park is located, to the right you see Shoreline Trail in Port Moody stretching around the Burrard Inlet.

No matter what time of year you are looking to get outdoors and explore some great BC trails, the Shoreline Trail is one of the best to walk along. The Port Moody area here is stunning, there are many things nearby to see and do. It’s a great area for families, couples, whether you want a night at the breweries nearby or a fun afternoon at the park with the family.

Shoreline Trail is an easier path to explore outdoors because it is a paved path for both walking and biking. You can walk along Shoreline Trail and enjoy the stunning Burrard Inlet views and stop along the way on one of the benches to hear the birds or have a chat with a friend. There are a variety of reasons why this walking trail is one of the best around Vancouver and certainly in the Port Moody region.

– Minimal elevation

– paved walking path

– several seating areas/benches along the trail

– great Inlet views

Shoreline Trail begins at Rocky Point Park, to the right of the park, and if you follow along the trail you will see that it comes to an end at Old Orchard Park.

Shoreline Trail takes on average 2 hours to walk around the entire distance of the trail from Rocky Point Park starting point to the end point at Old Orchard Park. Overall, the Shoreline Trail is about a 6km trail distance if you are going round trip.


Easy Walking Trail With Great Views

Shoreline Trail in Port Moody is an easier walking trail because of the minimal incline and the paved pathway for walking or biking, there are great views here that make it a fantastic hiking area to enjoy. Take the chance to walk this trail throughout the year because it is one of the best outdoors areas in BC to explore and enjoy.


Visit Shoreline Trail in Port Moody for an easier walking trail when you want to get outdoors and explore. This paved walkway in Port Moody is in a great spot and is a challenging distance at over 2km just one way if you want to walk the entire route from the beginning to end.

Shoreline Trail walking path

Above you can see that there are many points along the walking path at Shoreline Trail to stop and admire the stunning views here of the Inlet, whether the tide is in or out. Regardless of the time of year this is a stunning trail to explore in BC and one of the best walking areas in Port Moody for a morning, afternoon, or evening hike.

Hiking this area around Shoreline Trail feels very safe, there are always people walking around the area during the day. Even in the evening you will find many people as well in the region, because of the breweries and food trucks etc, there is a lot going on around Rocky Point Park and more. This is easily one of the most beautiful spots in Port Moody to go for a walk and one of the best near Vancouver as well to get great mountain and ocean views while going for a lengthy walk around the trail.

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