3 Langley Farms to Visit for a Pumpkin Patch Experience

Fall is here and that means pumpkins are popping up everywhere. There are many stores around the lower mainland and throughout BC to find a pumpkin but picking your own from the farm is just a little bit different. Getting a pumpkin from the pumpkin farm is more of an event and there are many pumpkin farms around Vancouver to do it.

Here are several in Langley to check out this fall if you want to have a great pumpkin patch experience.


Oct 1-31 2021 – Eagle Acres Farm Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch at Eagle Acres in Langley
You will see a wide variety of pumpkins here at the Eagle Acres pumpkin patch farm in Langley. Enjoy a fun hayride to the pumpkin patch, there is a lot to see here at this beautiful farm.

The pumpkin patch at Eagle Acres in Langley will be running from Oct 1-31 2021 but there will be some days excluded. Check the schedule for planning and getting tickets to this pumpkin patch event.

Located at 240 Street, Langley, BC, Canada


Photo by Ekaterina Belinskaya on Pexels.com

Sept 18 – Oct 31 2021 Pumpkin Patch at Aldor Acres

The Pumpkin Patch at Aldor Acres Farm is another one to visit in Langley. The fall pumpkin patch is open through Oct this year and there are a variety of pumpkins to see.

Find the farm market too that sells produce, honey, meat, eggs, and more. The Aldor Acres Farm is located at 84 Ave Langley and you can find more information about it here, as well as book tickets to this pumpkin patch event. See more about the farm on their Facebook social media here too.

This family run farm in Langley BC is truly a beautiful space to enjoy and to plan a visit this fall to pick out a pumpkin. The Aldor Acres Farm is where you can go in Langley to get the chance to make some great memories with the family.


Oct 1-31 2021 Pumpkin Patch at Loft Country Farms

Another great pumpkin patch farm to visit is Loft Country Farms that offers a great outdoor pumpkin patch experience this October. There will be horse-drawn carriage rides too, as well as a petting zoo.

Located at 248 St in Langley BC, the Loft Country Farms Pumpkin Patch will be going from Oct 1 to 31 2021. See more about the farm here and check them out on their social media Facebook page or Instagram.

Visit the website for Loft Country Farms this Oct to buy tickets to this pumpkin patch event online and bring the entire family for some unforgettable seasonal fun.

This season there will be a variety of fun fall activities around Vancouver for families to enjoy. This includes a variety of great pumpkin patch farms to visit in Langley and elsewhere around the province.


Find and Book your Tickets now to a Pumpkin Patch Event this Oct

Tickets are already available for multiple farms around the lower mainland who offer the chance to pick your own pumpkin, get a hayride, visit the petting zoo, and more fall fun. Eagle Acres, Aldor Acres, and Loft Country Farms, and some of the most beautiful farms to visit in Langley. Looking for a u-pick pumpkin experience? It isn’t hard to find.

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