More Zellers Pop-up Stores Could Be Coming Soon

Hudson’s Bay has not shut down the idea of more Zellers pop-up shops coming to different Canadian communities in the coming months ahead.

Though this retail store might have started closing down shops many years ago, just recently Hudson’s Bay opened a Zellers pop up shop inside Burlington Centre Mall. It’s a store within a store and to those who want a Zellers comeback it’s brilliant.

The Zellers pop up store in Burlington mall is selling a variety of products, and there could be more Zellers pop up stores coming in the months ahead for other Canadian areas.


Will Zellers Pop Up Come to BC?

Hudson’s Bay hasn’t stomped on the idea of more Zellers pop up shops becoming a reality and if it is success then we might even see it eventually expand to other provinces like BC and elsewhere.

The announcement met a wave of excitement, spurring feelings of nostalgia for Canadians who remember the Zellers chain well. Many childhood toys were bought there and Zellers remains a fond memory for a number of Canadians.

For a little entertainment and updates on the Zellers comeback there is also a Twitter account that has been set up which describes itself as a Zellers parody account. This exciting and unexpected pop up situation might be coming to other Canadian cities, including around BC, where Hudson’s Bay locations in Vancouver and elsewhere could get to partake in the Zellers throwback experience.


What was once a network of hundreds of locations it eventually dwindled down only to a few. Zellers leaving the market for good was a sad day for Canada and you couldn’t have guessed that this day would return when we might see an eventual Zellers pop up shop in Hudson’s Bay.

It would be even more convenient for the Zellers pop up stores if the stores were filled to the brim of 90s nostalgia items as well. Still, you’ll be able to find a variety of goods. They will be selling a number of different items, including clothing, hats, bags, and more.

There is a lot of excitement that has followed the announcement of the first Zellers pop up and with dozens of Hudson’s Bay locations in several provinces who knows where they might open one next.

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