Vancouver Island Restaurants Get to Keep Expanded Patio Service Through 2022

It looks like a number of Vancouver Island restaurants are getting the chance to keep their expanded patio spaces until next year. In Saanich the council members there recently opted to go ahead with the program until June of next year.

The temporary patio spaces have been working out well for cafes and restaurants during the pandemic. Through the pandemic various communities on Vancouver Island and around BC had decided to extend the use of those patio spaces because of how well they were working for businesses in the province.

Even the province was looking to help make things more permanent in offering patio spaces for a long-term plan to those businesses, and now thousands of patio spaces might be sticking around because of it.


Patio Spaces Helping Recovery for Restaurants and Cafes

While there are some regions in BC where businesses might have already gotten rid of those temporary patio spaces, others have sought to extend the program because they are helping restaurants and cafes to keep going.

The pandemic has hit the restaurant industry hard and if it weren’t for those patio spaces that came about it might have meant that many more restaurants or cafes would have failed as well.

Distilleries, cafes, restaurants, have all embraced the temporary patio spaces for outdoor services through the pandemic. Now some of those in Saanich are going to be able to continue with those patios until the summer of next year. The plan might also get extended for other areas once their patio restaurant programs run out if it is something that the community and its representatives support.


The program has allowed some businesses to not only introduce a patio space but also to extend their patio spaces that they might have had set up already.

In general it has been a massive success for many in the restaurant industry and there are many small businesses, cafes, and BC restaurants that need that patio space to continue doing well. These patio spaces for restaurants in BC are going to be vital to their recovery and have already proven that they have a place in contributing to their their success and fitting in well with the business plans for thousands of small businesses in the region.

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