Strong Demand For Return of McDonald’s McPizza

McDonald’s used to serve pizza back in the late 1980s and 1990s, and eventually the McDonald’s locations around Canada and the U.S. stopped serving the dish. However, in Orlando Florida there is still rumored to be one location left that is still busy selling the beloved McPizza that many have come to enjoy over the years from the fast food giant.


A few locations in the U.S. over the years had lasted longer than others, holding out and still serving the McPizza in places like West Virginia, Ohio, and of course the Orlando joint too. Eventually things changed and now there is only one location left that is still selling the McPizza that so many want to see come back onto the menu.

Bring Back The McPizza

Earlier in August McDonald’s Canada teased something new that was coming on their social media account, which sent the public into a buzz about what it could be. Many thought and hoped that the McPizza was going to be coming back.

Later McDonald’s confirmed that it wasn’t the McPizza coming back and social media was devastated on the news.

On the recent news of a Zellers pop up shop return in Canada there is also buzz on social media once again about a potential McPizza comeback. Canadians are big fans of the McPizza that much is clear.

A Zellers pop-up shop is going to be coming to the Burlington Centre Mall at the Hudson’s Bay store and once McDonald’s commented about it the McPizza calls started up once again.


So when is McDonald’s Canada going to listen to the people and give them what they want? They want the McPizza even if it might just brought back for a limited time. The McDonald’s McPizza left too soon and it can’t come back soon enough.

For those who are still close enough and willing to they can head to the Orlando location and grab one of their own McPizzas, but Canadians are still going to have to keep waiting. No doubt we are still going to hear many continue voicing their calls for a McPizza comeback in the meantime until they are finally answered.

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