Amazing Experience: Infinity Mirrored Digital Light Gallery

The Moon and Back Gallery is the lower mainland’s first infinity mirrored digital light gallery event that is going on still through Oct this year for another season. The Moon and Back Gallery x Chatime’s Tea Inspired Pop-Up Room is open from 2-9PM daily and tickets can be booked online for the event.


This is one of the most unique and stunning gallery events to experience around Vancouver to check out. The Moon and Back Gallery has already had many visitors and you still have a chance to see it through fall. Book tickets to the event here.

16 Installations To Experience

This is season 3 for the gallery event and there are 16 installations to experience as a part of this pop up experience. Click here and scroll down to check out what those installations look like. These mirror light rooms provide the most beautiful, memorable, and stunning experiences.

The Moon and Back Gallery event is where you can have some of the best photo moments, because the installations are so beautiful. It is also a chance to have a lot of fun too in seeing and doing something new and different.

Check out their social media here as well to see more about the Moon and Back Gallery event.

This art experience is one of the best around Vancouver to check out this fall and you can still find tickets if you want to experience what it is all about.

Location: 150-12111 Bridgeport Road

Book A Private Tour To See The Mirrored Digital Light Gallery

Not only can you book tickets to this pop up event that is still going on around Vancouver, located in Richmond BC, but you can also book a private tour of the mirrored digital light gallery event as well.

See more information on their site about how to book your own private tour to experience this cool event this year. Those who missed it before still have the chance this year to see what this art pop up event with mirrored digital light gallery installations is all about.

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