How Much Do Uber Drivers in Vancouver Make?

There are a number of companies with apps that drivers can work for now in British Columbia to try and make a living or some money on the side. They include positions like driving for Uber or delivering food for Skip The Dishes, among other choices in the local market.


But how much do these drivers make? If you look around online for reviews and stories of those who have worked in the industry you get a spectrum of earnings and it varies depending on when the person might work, how often they work, what sort of car they drive etc.

How much do Uber drivers in Vancouver make?

According to a recent analysis of those Uber drivers in Metro Vancouver they can make as much as $24 per hour after costs are considered. And that wage for driving, of earning $24 an hour after costs, is well above the minimum wage that has been established in the province.

Right now Uber, Lyft, and other companies, are facing a serious driver shortage in places like the U.S. and as demand grows there will be an increased need to find drivers.

But along with that issue of needing to find drivers there is also the rising cost of ride-sharing along with it and the longer lines that customers are having to wait in some areas.

Drivers are one of the most in-demand positions today in Canada, the U.S. and other regions, as companies like Amazon, Uber, Skip the Dishes, Lyft, and others, seek to find good drivers to add to their fleets to help keep things running.


In some U.S. cities right now there are Uber drivers who are making more than $40 an hour, it varies for the driver and the time of day, and the cost of running etc.

But the good thing in BC is that for those who are looking for these positions that they are increasing and more companies are coming into the market that are offering people those work opportunities to either do it full-time or add it on as a sort of side hustle to earn some extra income.

There are current postings to be found now showing that Uber in Vancouver is still looking for delivery drivers and part time drivers, among other positions.

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For some who have been looking to work for those companies like Skip the Dishes, Uber, and others, it isn’t always profitable. There are some occasions where it ends up costing more trouble than it is worth if they don’t get the right coverage for their insurance on their car while working for example, and they end up getting into an accident. This is something that some of those contractors have had to deal with.

However, it is clear that the job is providing value in a way that works for many though, because there are many delivery drivers and ride-sharing drivers to be found in Vancouver and elsewhere.

For those who have worked for Skip The Today it is estimated that there are some 3-4 million Uber drivers around the world. Earlier this year marked the one year anniversary of Uber’s launch in the Vancouver market. For those drivers who are looking for work doing things like deliveries or ride-sharing, Uber coming into the Vancouver market gave them one more option and it isn’t likely to be the last of its kind either.

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