Artisan Farmers Market Open in Oct

One artisan farmers market to visit in Vancouver that is going to be open through Oct is the Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market. This artisan farmers market is open weekly on Sunday through Oct until the end of the month on Oct 31 2021.

Location of Ambleside Artisan Farmers’ Market
1000 Argyle Ave
West Vancouver, BC

Find the Artisan Farmers Market located in Ambleside Park in West Van, the market is open from 10-3 on Sunday.

At the 2021 farmers market this year you can find vendors such as:
Bad Dog Bread
Baba’s House
Deep Cove Rope Company
Justgo Smoothie
La Moje
Little by Little Farms
Peace Arch Farms
Smart N Local
The Modern Pantry

These and other vendors are some of the names that can be found at the market this year through Oct. 31 in Vancouver.


Browse this Vancouver artisan farmers market on the weekend for something new to do. Find some great artisan jellies, honey, salsa, and other products. There is also a selection of crafts like clothing, sculptures, jewelry, soaps, and more.

Get some early holiday shopping in and find something unique and quality made at this West Vancouver farmers market on the weekend. It’s a great place to check out that is right by the beach and there are many other places nearby to also explore as well.

Where to Find Naturally Grown and Organic Products

At this West Vancouver farmers market you will be able to find multiple vendors that are selling both naturally grown and organic products, among other items that are for sale.


At the Ambleside Artisan Farmers Market you can shop local, shop organic, shop handmade, and find a variety of quality and unique products.

A trip to the Ambleside Artisan Farmers market would make for a relaxing weekend this fall and it is going to be goin on through Oct on Sundays for anyone that still wants the chance to browse the 2021 vendors that are selling there this year.

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