Food Market Opens in Vancouver That Lets You Pay What You Can Afford

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank receives and distributes millions of pounds of food every single year to those in need around the area. Throughout the pandemic even more families turned to find help from local food banks and other programs that were there to help, and multiple efforts have been established to address food insecurity in the Vancouver region.


Not only can you find food banks, there are also free food fridges in some areas of BC, and now there is something else that’s new that has also come to the market to help. That is the new grocery store that lets you pay what you can afford, known as the Rescued Food market from the Food Stash Foundation in Vancouver.

Food Stash Foundation

The Food Stash Foundation in Vancouver has opened the Rescued Food Market and they are looking to play a critical role in addressing food insecurity in the Vancouver region. At this market the customers will be able to pay what they can afford and people who can afford it are also able to donate to help keep the market going as well.

Finding Affordable Food in Vancouver

You can find these sorts of operations around different parts of the world, whether they be food markets or restaurants that allow patrons to pay what they can afford. It helps give people a space to pay it forward and help others in the community, while also offering a needed market for people to go to find good food who can’t find affordable options anywhere else.

Food Stash Foundation in Vancouver is helping to rescue surplus food from grocery stores, diverting those goods from landfills and from being wasted, and instead making sure that food gets delivered to different charities and eventually gets delivered to households in need.

With their efforts around Vancouver they are looking to use their approach to help reduce the environmental impact from food waste and with operations like the Rescued Food Market they are also helping to bridge the gap with food insecurity and bringing affordable food options to those who need it.

Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in around the world and the cost of food is what many individuals and families struggle with. What Food Stash Foundation is doing is detrimental to the wellbeing of many in the community who rely on and need those valuable affordable food resources.

Rescued Food Box Program

Through their Rescued Food Box Program the Food Stash Foundation in Vancouver is bringing a weekly food box delivery to those who need it in the community. It helps those in Vancouver suffering from food insecurity and each box brings a variety of rescued food items to the home.


The Food Stash Foundation is helping the community by redistributing that food that might have ended up as garbage, getting it it those who can still use it and who need it the most.

Rescued Food Market Location

The Rescued Food Market is located at 340 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC. This food market in Vancouver is a zero waste grocery store that you can expect to be stocked with that same surplus food coming from different grocery stores and other suppliers. Browse the market and grab what you need and then use the pay what you can model, a donation of your choice.

Everyone is welcome at the market regardless of their income. Not only do they have the Rescued Food Market but they also have a community fridge coming soon as well. People will be able to access the fridge 24/7 and get what they need. The fridge is going to depend on volunteers from the community to help keep it clean and operational.

The Rescued Food Market in Vancouver just opened recently and is a much needed resource in the community that is one of the most expensive to live in and where many families and individuals are struggling with food insecurity.

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