The First National Day of Truth and Reconciliation for Canada

Today marks the first national holiday for Canada with the Day of Truth and Reconciliation holiday. Indigenous leaders have urged the BC government to consider making this day a stat holiday so that people can have the right time to be able to reflect and learn about indigenous history and culture, the legacy of the residential school system in the country.


The Truth and Reconciliation Commission had called on the government to form a stat holiday for the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation and Sept 30 2021 marks the first for it. It will be a federal stat holiday for those employees in the federal government and also those who are working in federally regulated workplaces, but not all businesses are going to give the day off or close for the day.

Provinces are taking different approaches to Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

What is the Day of Truth and Reconciliation?

Through the creation of Bill C-5 the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada has been established and Sept 30, 2021 marks the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the country which is a day that honors lost victims and survivors of residential schools, as well as their families, and their communities.

To mark the day there will be ceremonies taking place, businesses closing down, and community events taking place that are seeking to bring light to this community or the atrocities that have been suffered by the indigenous community throughout the country.

Already, in Canada we have seen the discovery of more than 1,000 unmarked graves from child victims of those controversial residential indigenous schools and it is a discovery that has shocked not only those around Canada but around the world as well.

Growing Awareness

With this marked Day of Truth and Reconciliation along with other similar events that have taken place, such as Orange Shirt Day, they are helping to increase awareness in Canada and around the world of the mistreatment that the indigenous community has suffered in Canada. Now there are others around the world that are also uncovering their own indigenous school history too.

Businesses Closed For National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Businesses don’t have to close for the day but there are some who are going to be giving their workers the time off anyways to take part in the holiday and take that time to learn about the indigenous community in Canada and the struggles they’ve suffered through the residential school system and worse.

We can expect federal government offices to be closed though and Canada Post offices, but things like malls and stores are still expected to remain open.

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