Where to find Dunkaroos Around Vancouver

Dunkaroos were widely prevalent back in the 90s throughout British Columbia and other areas of the world. They were a top school snack that million of kids enjoyed, both the vanilla and chocolate frosting Dunkaroos treats. Eventually, the Dunkaroos were discontinued in the U.S. and later on in Canada, but due to popular demand the snacks were eventually brought back in the summer of 2020 and started selling in 7-Eleven stores in the United States to the cheers of many.


A Highly Anticipated Dunkaroos Comeback

Those who were longing to try their childhood favorite Dunkaroos treats again could only wonder when the Dunkaroos snacks might make their way back up to Canada. With the border being closed and restricted throughout the pandemic this has also decreased the opportunity for Canadians to head down south looking for their favorite treats. Where can Canadians buy Dunkaroos? There might be a few places to look online, but what about in stores?

Where to Buy Dunkaroos – Specialty Candy Stores With Dunkaroos

Canadians looking for Dunkaroos don’t have to wait any longer though because a growing number of candy stores with Dunkaroos that are right in the Vancouver area are selling these products. Those candy stores with Dunkaroos can be found in Vancouver and in the surrounding area in multiple locations.

There are several corner stores that are currently selling or that have sold them recently and they include locations like Dank Mart in Vancouver, Mr Munchies in Surrey, and Ricardo’s Kandy Korner in White Rock.

These are just a few of the places to check out when you are looking to find some delicious candy snacks, specialty treats like Dunkaroos and others that are hard to find. If you are looking to get them for yourself or as a gift for someone else and wondering what candy stores with Dunkaroos there are then check out those above.

Dunkaroos can be found in both the chocolate flavor and vanilla, and you can also look for boxes being sold in some of these candy stores around Vancouver as well. For those who love these favorite 90s treats and who want to stock up the box is a much more convenient option. Who knew that these beloved school and after school snacks for 90s kids would come back like they have? It came as a surprise no doubt to many people.

There is clearly a lot of demand for Dunakroos in the U.S. and Canada as they have continued to be sold up until now and it seems the availability of Dunakroos is expanding because now it is getting easier for those who are in BC to buy Dunakroos if they are looking to find some as well.


Dunkaroos had a successful run many years ago and it looks like they are still seeing a great deal of success now because they are still being sold on the shelves. Who knows how much longer they might be around for though. It is a miracle to some that they have even come back in the first place so if you think it’s too good to be true and might not last that long then you will want to stock up on your favorite Dunkaroos and buy these treats while you can.

In Vancouver you can find Dunakroos candy stores like those mentioned above, if they still have them in stock and are selling them, as well as through online retailers like Amazon and more.

Dunkaroos Vanilla
dunkaroos vanilla
Dunkaroos Vanilla

Find Dunkaroos at candy stores like Mr Munchies and others, or look for them online. They have gotten easier over the last year for Canadians to be able to purchase, with the growing number of retailers who are offering them. If you look around for Dunkaroos to buy around Vancouver you should be able to find both the vanilla and the chocolate Dunkaroos for sale.

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